The Soul Series, I

The first camera I ever held was a Polaroid that belonged to my parents.  I loved the surprise of looking through a viewfinder, pushing a button, and watching an image slowly appear on the paper.  I excelled at and enjoyed art class all through my schooling.  Still, when I got to college I made a conscious decision not to take any art classes because I knew if I did, I would spend all my time on them, and I wouldn't have anything left for "serious work."  It didn't occur to me until I was in my twenties, unhappily attempting to force myself into traditional jobs that never felt like they fit, that art WAS my serious work.  So I picked up a point-and-shoot digital camera and immediately fell in love--for the second time--with photography.  It lifted me.  It gave me purpose.  And I haven't stopped taking photos since.  

A long way from my point-and-shoot days, I am constantly exploring the genre, pushing the limits in camera and in post processing. I am always seeking new ways of expressing myself, and I live for the thrill of artistic discovery. I love to edit images until they become half photograph, half painting, defying easy categorization.  But oh my, the photos that look like impressionist paintings in-camera?  Those get me giddy.  I hope I never stop learning and growing.  It is that sense of discovery that makes this art form so exciting for me.  I am constantly striving for that feeling of wonder I felt holding that first Polaroid camera as a child.  And to my great delight, I keep finding it.  So I will continue taking photographs as long as holding a camera keeps making me feel like an explorer in a new land.  Which will be until I can no longer move my finger to push the shutter.  Because there is always something new to see, and there are always new ways to see it. 

I am currently seeking gallery representation.

Exhibitions and Awards

July 2016

Group Show - Camera Materna: The Artist Behind the Nurturer; Barnes Gallery, Leverett Crafts & Arts Center, Leverett MA

2015 International Photography Awards 

Honorable Mention, Nature/Other: Bumblebee Rose

Honorable Mention, People/Children: In Tulle

Honorable Mention, People/Family: Family

Honorable Mention, People/Other: Twisted, The Soul Series

Honorable Mention, People/Self Portrait: Twisted, The Soul Series

Honorable Mention, Fine Art/Other: The Soul Series 

Honorable Mention, Fine Art/Portrait: Family 

2014 International Photography Awards 

1st Prize Winner, Micro: Merge

Honorable Mention, Fine Art/Abstract: Autumn

Honorable Mention, People/Self Portrait: On My Way Out

2010 International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention, Fine Art/Portrait: The Unseen, The Covenant, Self Portrait

Honorable Mention, People/Other: On the Brink

Honorable Mention, People/Self Portrait: Self Portrait